KubeJS Mekanism

Download: CurseForge, Modrinth

#Supported Recipe Types

#Crushing, Enriching, Smelting

event.recipes.mekanism.crushing(output, input)
event.recipes.mekanism.enriching(output, input)
event.recipes.mekanism.smelting(output, input)


event.recipes.mekanism.combining(output, input1, input2)

#Compressing, Purifying, Injecting

event.recipes.mekanism.compressing(output, inputItem, inputGas)
event.recipes.mekanism.purifying(output, inputItem, inputGas)
event.recipes.mekanism.injecting(output, inputItem, inputGas)


event.recipes.mekanism.metallurgic_infusing(output, inputItem, infusionInput, infusionAmount)


event.recipes.mekanism.sawing(output, input, extraOutput)

#Chemical Infusing

event.recipes.mekanism.chemical_infusing(output, inputLeft, inputRight)


event.recipes.mekanism.crystallizing(output, inputGas)


event.recipes.mekanism.dissolution(gasOutput, gasInput, itemInput)

#Item > Energy Conversion

event.recipes.mekanism.energy_conversion(input, output)

#Broken / Unsupported Recipe Types

There recipe types are currently broken / aren't supported:
  • Item > Gas Conversion
  • Item > Infuse Type Conversion
  • Thermal Evaporation
  • Nucleosynthesizing
  • Centrifuging
  • Activating
  • Liquifier
  • Oxidizing
  • Condensentrating / Decondensentrating
  • Painting
  • Pigment Mixing
  • Pigment Extracting
  • Reaction (PRC)
  • Separator
  • Washing
  • Fission Reactor (There's a mod for this!)
For now, use event.custom for these.
These have no recipe types:
  • Boiler
  • Phase Shifter (SPS)


You can register these with the addon:
  • mekanism:slurry
  • mekanism:gas
  • mekanism:infuse_type
  • mekanism:pigment
  • mekanism:module
  • mekanism:robit_skin