Item Tooltips

Custom item tooltips

ItemEvents.tooltip(event => {
  // Add tooltip to all of these items
  event.add(['quark:backpack', 'quark:magnet', 'quark:crate'], 'Added by Quark Oddities')
  // You can also use any ingredient except #tag (due to tags loading much later than client scripts)
  event.add(/refinedstorage:red_/, 'Can be any color')
  // Multiple lines with an array []. You can also escape ' by using other type of quotation marks
  event.add('thermal:latex_bucket', ["Not equivalent to Industrial Foregoing's Latex", 'Line 2 text would go here'])
  // Use some data from the client to decorate this tooltip. name returns a component so we just append that.
  event.add('minecraft:skeleton_skull', Text.of('This used to be ').append("'s head"))

  event.addAdvanced('thermal:latex_bucket', (item, advanced, text) => {
    text.add(0, Text.of('Hello')) // Adds text in first line, pushing the items name down a line. If you want the line below the item name, the index must be 1

  event.addAdvanced('minecraft:beacon', (item, advanced, text) => {
    // shift, alt and ctrl are all keys you can check!
    if (!event.shift) {
      text.add(1, [Text.of('Hold ').gold(), Text.of('Shift ').yellow(), Text.of('to see more info.').gold()])
    } else {
      text.add(1,'Gives positive effects to players in a range').bold(true))
      text.add(2,'Requires a base built out of precious metals or gems to function!'))
      text.add(3, [Text.white('Iron, '), Text.aqua('Diamonds, '),'Gold '), Text.white('or even '),'Emeralds '), Text.white('are valid base blocks!')])

  // Neat utility to display NBT in the tooltip
  event.addAdvanced(Ingredient.all, (item, advanced, text) => {
    if (event.alt && item.nbt) {
      text.add(Text.of('NBT: ').append(Text.prettyPrintNbt(item.nbt)))

  // Show the name of the player who owns the skull in a skulls tooltip
  event.addAdvanced('minecraft:player_head', (item, advanced, text) => {
    let playerName = item.nbt?.SkullOwner?.Name
    if (playerName) {
      text.add(`The head of $==={playerName}===`))