Block Registry

Adding new blocks to game

You can register many types of custom blocks in KubeJS. Here's the simplest way:
StartupEvents.registry('block', event => {
  event.create('example_block') // Create a new block with ID 'kubejs:example_block'
That's it! Launch the game, and assuming you've left KubeJS' auto-generated resources alone, there should be a fully-textured block in the Creative menu under KubeJS (purple dye). KubeJS will also generate the name "Example Block" for you.
To make modifications to this block, we use the block builder returned by the event.create() call. The block builder allows us to chain together multiple modifications. Let's try making some of the more common modifications:
StartupEvents.registry('block', event => {
  event.create('example_block') // Create a new block
    .displayName('My Custom Block') // Set a custom name
    .soundType('wool') // Set a material (affects the sounds and some properties)
    .hardness(1.0) // Set hardness (affects mining time)
    .resistance(1.0) // Set resistance (to explosions, etc)
    .tagBlock('my_custom_tag') // Tag the block with `#minecraft:my_custom_tag` (can have multiple tags)
    .requiresTool(true) // Requires a tool or it won't drop (see tags below)
    .tagBlock('my_namespace:my_other_tag') // Tag the block with `#my_namespace:my_other_tag`
    .tagBlock('minecraft:mineable/axe') //can be mined faster with an axe
    .tagBlock('minecraft:mineable/pickaxe') // or a pickaxe
    .tagBlock('minecraft:needs_iron_tool') // the tool tier must be at least iron

#All Block Builder Methods

The example above only covers a few of the methods available on the block builder.
See the full list here!

#Alternate Block Builders

Besides the base block builder, there are a few additional block builders avaialable which generally all inherit all the base methods from the base builder. Using event.create(<Name>,<AltBuilderKey>), you can use one of these alternate builders.
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"basic"BasicBlockJS$BuilderThis is the defaultblock builder