FTB XMod Compat

FTB Quests, Teams and Chunks support.



FTBQuestsEvents.completed('quest_id', event => {
    event.player.tell('You completed the quest!')
Executes code when a specific quest is completed.


FTBQuestsEvents.customFilterItem(event => {
Adds ItemStack(s) to a custom Filter.


FTBQuestsEvents.customReward('custom_reward_id', event => {
Adds logic to Custom Rewards.


FTBQuestsEvents.customTask('custom_task_id', event => {
    event.maxProgress = 100 // Sets the Progress Count.

    event.setCheckTimer(20) // Checks for progress every 1 second (20 ticks).
    event.setCheck((task, player) => {
        if(player.level.thundering) { //Checks if it is Thundering at a player.
            task.progress++ // Adds progress to the quest.
Adds logic to Custom Tasks. This example code progresses the quest every 20 seconds when Player is in a thunderstorm.


FTBQuestsEvents.started('quest_id', event => {
    event.server.tell('A player started a quest!')
Executes code when a player starts a quest.
quest_id = Quest's ID. To get it, right-click a Quest and select "Copy ID".
custom_task_id = "Custom" task's ID. To get it, right-click a Custom task and select "Copy ID".
custom_reward_id = "Custom" reward's ID. To get it, right-click a Custom reward and select "Copy ID".


FTBTeamsEvents.playerJoinedParty(event => {
    let team = event.currentTeam.name
    let player = event.player.username
        .append(' joined: ')
playerJoinedParty / playerLeftParty executes code when a player Joins or Leaves a party.
This example here sends a message to everyone, saying who joined or left what party.



FTBChunksEvents.after("claim", (event) => {
  let chunkPos = event.chunk.pos.chunkPos;
  let player = event.player.username;
      .append(Component.literal(" has claimed Chunk at: "))
.after executes code after a Chunk has been claimed.
This example sends a message to everyone, saying who claimed a chunk, and the claimed chunks's position.
.after('string') The string here is for which event to listen for. Current available operations:


.before is currently broken! If it is applied, you will not be able to claim Chunks anymore
It works just like .after, but before the specified operation.