#Kubejs Create: Garnished integration

#Supported recipe types

  • Bulk Dyeing [Red]
  • Bulk Dyeing [Orange]
  • Bulk Dyeing [Yellow]
  • Bulk Dyeing [Green]
  • Bulk Dyeing [Blue]
  • Bulk Dyeing [Purple]
  • Bulk Freezing

#Supported item types

  • Hatchets
Bulk Dyeing can be achieved just like most other recipes in the following format:'rubymod:ruby', 'minecraft:emerald', 200).id('garnished_kubejs:red_dye_blowing/ruby_from_emerald')
To use any of the other available colours, simply change to instead be<colour>_dye_blowing.
Bulk Freezing can be achieved similarly:'minecraft:powder_snow_bucket', 'minecraft:water_bucket', 200).id('garnished_kubejs:freezing/powder_snow_bucket_from_water_bucket')
Hatchets are an interesting case, as it's quite simple to implement a custom hatchet for your project. Register an item just like how you would usually, but insert 'garnished:hatchet' for the item type as shown below:
event.create('bone_hatchet', 'garnished:hatchet').displayName('Bone Hatchet').unstackable().texture('kubejs:item/bone_hatchet').tier('netherite')