All KubeJS mod integrations

AnimationJSAnimationJS is an addon for KubeJS that allows scripters to dynamically animate Players utilizing t...
Ars NouveauThis addon allows you to create recipes for the Ars Nouveau mod.
beJSRegister custom block entities with KubeJS
Blood MagicEdit and create Blood Magic recipes. See the Recipes page for more info.
BotaniaThis page hasn't been written yet!
Botany PotsThis addon allows you to create crops, soils, and fertilizers for the Botany Pots mod.
CC: TweakedYou can find more info about this mod on its wiki found here.
Computer CraftThis page hasn't been written yet!
CreateThe example scripts are only here to demonstrate the recipes. They are not meant to be used with th...
CucumberJSCucumberJS is a KubeJS addon for creating Cucumber Library tools/weapons, such as scythes, paxels, ...
EMIKubeJS EMI Integration
EntityJSRegister custom entities with KubeJS
Farmers DelightThis addon allows you to register custom knifes, pies, feasts and modify Farmer's Delight recipes.
FTB XMod CompatFTB Quests, Teams and Chunks support.
Game StagesKubeJS Game Stages Integration
GarnishedKubejs Create: Garnished integration
Immersive EngineeringAlloy Kiln
Industrial ForegoingThis mod lets you modify and create various recipes for Industrial Foregoing
Iron's SpellsKubeJS Iron's Spells is an addon that allows for creating custom spells, spell schools, and listeni...
Just Enough ItemsKubeJS JEI Integration
KJSPKGA package manager for KubeJS
KubeJS AdditionsSee the project's Github Page - it has usage examples and documentation.
KubeJS BorealisThis page hasn't been written yet!
KubeJS Debug AdapterThis page hasn't been written yet!
KubeJS Java Runtime CompilerThis page hasn't been written yet!
KubeJS Offline DocumentationKubeJS Offline is a mod that dumps all class data at runtime into a single html file using a single...
KubeJS TFCAdds TFC-KubeJS integration
KubeJS Twitch IntegrationThis page hasn't been written yet!
KubeJS UIModify the main menu with KubeJS
LootJSLootJS is an addon used for dynamically modifying loot (way easier to use than KubeJS' built-in eve...
MekanismSupported Recipe Types
MoreJSMoreJS is an addon with additional events for villager/wanderer trades, structures, the enchantment...
MultiblockedMultiblocked is a mod that allows you to easily create multiblocks.
PaxelJSAdds Paxel Tool Type to KubeJS.
Ponder for KubeJSThis page hasn't been written yet!
PonderJSThis page hasn't been written yet!
PowahThis addon allows you to create custom Energizing Orb recipes (among other things) from the Powah m...
PowerfulJSThis page hasn't been written yet!
ProbeJSA typing generator mod to generate KubeJS typings. Enabling Intellisense for your KubeJS environments!4 pages
ProjectEThis addon lets you set the EMC values of items and the Philosopher's Stone transformations blocks ...
Roughly Enough ItemsKubeJS REI Integration
ScreenJSThe custom ContainerMenu event is a startup event.
Thermal ExpansionThis info is currently incomplete!
Tinkers ConstructEdit and create Tinker's Construct recipes. See Recipes page for more info.
VisualJSThis page hasn't been written yet!