Immersive Engineering

#Alloy Kiln, input1, input2), input1, input2, time)

#Arc Furnace[], input, additives[])[], input, additives[], slag)[], input, additives[], slag, time)[], input, additives[], slag, time, energy)

#Blast Furnace, input), input, slag), input, slag, time)

#Blast Furnace Fuel, time)

#Blueprint (Engineer's Workbench)

blueprint is a blueprint category name., inputs[], blueprint)

#Blueprint Categories

As stated above, in blueprint you have to use a category name. These are the default ones:
  • bannerpatterns
  • bullet
  • specialBullet
  • components
  • molds
  • electrode

#Bottling Machine

This recipe is currently broken![], fluid, inputs[])

#Coke Oven, input), input, creosote), input, creosote, time)

#Garden Cloche

This recipe is currently broken on 1.19!
render format: {type: 'crop', block: 'minecraft:wheat'}[], input, soil)[], input, soil, render)


secondaries format: {chance: 0.5, output: 'item:id'}, input), input, secondaries[])

#Fermenter, fluid), fluid, output), fluid, output, energy)

#Fertilizer, growthModifier)

#Metal Press, input), input, mold), input, mold, energy)


This recipe is currently broken!, fluid, inputs[]), fluid, inputs[], energy)


This recipe is currently broken!, inputs[]), inputs[], catalyst), inputs[], catalyst, energy)


secondaries format: {stripping: true, output: 'item:id'}, input, secondaries[]), input, secondaries[], stripped), input, secondaries[], stripped, energy)


This recipe is currently broken!, input, energy)

#Thermoelectric Source

This recipe is currently broken!, tempKelvin)