A package manager for KubeJS

KJSPKG is a package manager for KubeJS that allows you to download different example scripts and libraries into your own instance.
It will automatically manage your minecraft version, modloader, dependency and incompatibility control. It works with all modern KubeJS versions, and should even work with some older versions, ie. 1.12!


  1. Download the CLI version of KJSPKG.
  2. Open a terminal in the kubejs directory inside of your instance.
  3. Run kjspkg init and select your minecraft version/modloader.
Now you are able to install packages into your instance!


  • To see more info about a package, run kjspkg pkg <package_name>
  • To download a package, run kjspkg install <package_name>
  • To remove a package, run kjspkg remove <package_name>
  • To update a package, run kjspkg update <package_name>
  • To search for a package, run kjspkg search <query>
  • To list all packages in your instance, run kjspkg list
  • To list all of the commands available, run kjspkg help

#Adding your own package

If you have an example script you would like to share on KJSPKG, check out the "Adding your own package" section of KJSPKG's README. We are always happy to add more scripts from different authors to our list!

#Notable packages

#craft-js (1.18, Forge/Fabric)

Craft.js is a KubeJS script which allows you to prepare recipes inside of a container (like chests) to quickly create various recipes.

#create-manual (1.19, Forge/Fabric)

Create Manual adds a patchouli-esque manual item to Create.

#not-neat (1.16-1.20, Forge/Fabric)

Not Neat is a script that allows you to hide the Neat tooltip depending on the game stages the player has.